Frequently asked questions
Our Guests Often Ask us These Questions :

Because we have a multi-faceted program, there are a number of question we hear over and over. We have tried to

capture these key questions and answer them right up front for you as you explore AAYUSHMAAN NATURE CURE TREATMENTS.

The Program
Juice Fasting programs with Organic Herbal Juices
( Intake on Specific Dates As Announced only )
1st, 11th, and 21 st of every month only,  
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A: A lot of spas talk about holistic health and we agree BODY MIND and SPIRIT must be in balance to live optimally. But it is the synergistic action of everything working together that makes the AAYUSHMAAN program so valuable. It all compliments each other and you get great results -and you get them quickly! In 3-5-7-10 days, your life can change. The cleansing may be physical, but the results are much more penetrative and profound. People may come to AAYUSHMAAN to cleanse, get healthier or lose weight, but they leave with a renewed sense of energy and an understanding of how to take care of themselves in a better way.
A: Our guests lose an average of 2-4 pounds per day- based on your individual metabolism. (Men often lose more quickly.) The program designed for weight loss USING DRUGLESS ,NATURAL THERAPIES ONLY, 100 OUT OF 100 OUR CLIENTS GET , 3-5 KGS REDUCTION IN 3/5/7 DAY PROGRAMS,OUR STRUCTURED BREATHING PROGRAM,SUNDARA PRANACHEAKRA YOGA,THE FIR SESSIONS, PLANNED DIETS, COLON CLEANSING,MUDBATHS TOGETHER, EFFECT the release of toxic waste and the effect on your metabolism positively gives sustainable weight loss to all .see these testimonials among the 100s of benefeciaries of our weight loss programs at AAYUSHMAAN HOLISTIC HEALTH CENTRE
Q: When I am at AAYUSHMAAN should I fast?
A: No, only in specific programs , you fast , Fasting is a quick, powerful way to cleanse the body and help the healing process from illness and disease. It gives the digestive system a rest and the energy freed up is used to power-up our 5 organs of elimination and help kick-start the healing if you are recovering from or trying to prevent illness. The carefully designed diet of liquid nutrition at AAYUSHMAAN soaks and softens toxic waste.
Q: Is fasting safe?
A: Some forms of fasting are very hard on the system. The AAYUSHMAAN program is carefully designed to support the vital organs as the specially prepared beverages you will be drinking during waking hours ensure that your body receives excellent nutrition.
Q: Why cleanse my body of toxins?
A: Pollution in your environment, a diet of over processed foods, the pesticides that farmers are legally allowed to use to grow fruits and vegetables, the chemicals and hormones that ranchers use to induce growth in livestock are all major contributors to illness in America. Our bodies are loaded with toxic waste. Cleansing your body through fasting will restore lost vitality.
Q: How do I know I am toxic?
A: If you experience any or all of the following, chances are you are toxic and need our program:

    A. Joint pain - accumulation of fluids
    B. Weight gain / bloating
    C. Dull / aging skin (the mirror to your health)
    D. Low or inconsistent physical energy (feeling sluggish)
    E. Low mental energy (feeling mentally foggy)
    F. Frequent colds / allergy - asthma attacks
    G. Digestive problems
    H. Restless sleep
    I. Hormonal imbalances
    J. General fatigue & malaise
Q: Will I be hungry?
A: Every time you feel a pang of hunger, instead of chewing you take another drink. That is why you are asked to take a drink every 30 minutes to one hour during your fast. Remember - you are not chewing but you ARE taking in nutritional liquid meals all day long. It is easy and safe to fast in this way.
Q: I've been a vegetarian for many years. Do I need a cleansing and revitalization program?
A: Yes! Our air, water and food source (even fruits and vegetables) are tainted by mineral deficient soil and groundwater contamination. Our system needs help in coping with the natural bio waste in combination with this unnatural toxic pollution with which we are bombarded. Everybody benefits from detoxification and regular cleansing no matter what diet you keep.
Q: In the Juice fasting Program what are the liquids I will be given and how often?
A: You will be drinking every 30-60 minutes from the moment you arise to the moment you go to sleep; here are some of the liquids:

. Organic vegetable juices

. Alkaline lemon mint water

. Rich nutritional supplements

. Single vegetable soup daily

. Barley greens, Spirulina, wheat grass, chlorophyll

. Liver & kidney and blood purifying teas

. Detox powder drinks with olive oil

. Natural laxatives to regulate the fiber

. Enzymes

. Probiotics

. Power Greens or Positive foods

Q: How do you help balance my spirit?
A: It has been shown that the body's ability to eliminate, cleanse and maintain proper balance can be disrupted through problems and negative patterning. The AAYUSHMAAN program offers a variety of classes and experiences directed at balancing the mind, psyche and spirit including:

Healers, who work with several different modalities, offer classes and are available to book private personalized sessions to help you work on your own issues.

. Sundara prana Chakra Yoga and Structured breathing movement classes open your energy and elevate your spirit by gentle stretching and assuming postures called asana.

. Meditation is achieved in a variety of ways; through the use of sound and deep breathing to quiet the "monkey mind" that keeps us from "being in the moment".

. Breath work - an ancient method of delving deeply into the essence of being, moving beyond the ego and reaching a place where clarity resides.

. The labyrinth - a circular path used to introspectively surface challenges and release them.

. The Native American Medicine Wheel- a guided experience staged around a wheel representing the 4 directions, this technique brings balance to our stressful lives.

Q: I've never fasted before. Will I be able to go without solid foods?
A: At AAYUSHMAAN our program is not based on a starvation diet. You will receive all the nutrients necessary for your body in liquid form. In most cases you are receiving more nutrients here than you get in your normal everyday diet. In fact, because you are drinking every 30-60 min, every time you feel hungry - you take another drink. This happens from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. Our program is mild and easy to follow. Clients experience a sense of fullness and well-being through the week.
Q: I have never fasted before, what happens if I get hungry?
A: Until your body switches to "releasing mode" you may feel hunger pangs. You'll find that if you follow the program you are drinking every 30-60 minutes which satisfies the body's need for intake. If you are still hungry we can add another drink (remember the drinks are liquid nutrition so you are not starving). Since every body is different, be assured we will be happy to adjust the program to you.
Q: What results can I expect from a week at AAYUSHMAAN?
A: Commonly reported results upon departure at AAYUSHMAAN include: increased energy and vitality, increased mental alertness and clarity, your skin is clearer, eyes are brighter, and a vibrant look with improved skin-tone, and improved sleep. People also tend to eliminate their dependencies on sugar, caffeine, nicotine, and other substances, which have been blocking their body from functioning at its optimal capacity.
Q: What about classes available to me?
A: Classes are complimentary. Some classes are: Master classes taught by the AAYUSHMAAN founder Dr.Sundaravelu or one of his protégés. These include classes to simplify our understanding of the body and it's digestive and cleansing systems, developing good habits, cooking in a healthy way, organizing the kitchen and even practical healthy restaurant dining. Other classes are movement and healer classes.
Q: What are the basics of the AAYUSHMAAN Program?
A: The program consists of a week of liquid diet, daily colon hygiene team and use of products acting as solvents to remove toxic waste from the body. You can also experience daily colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic massage, reflexology, herbal wraps, salt glows, yoga mineral water baths, swimming, nutrition classes or other spa services and classes.
Q: When I leave do I go back to the way I was?
A: After you cleanse your body, the cravings for such things as sugars, fried foods, cigarettes and most toxic food will disappear. It becomes much easier to maintain a healthy diet. Also, you'll be leaving AAYUSHMAAN 5, 10 or 20 pounds lighter because of released toxins and your energy level and stamina increase.
Q: How do I get ready for the program?
A: We ask you to do what is called a pre-fast for 3-4 days prior to your arrival; Eat lightly - fruit, raw and steamed vegetable, vegetable juices and herbal teas. Take 2 tablespoons of olive oil prior to bedtime, drink 8 oz of prune juice or herbal laxative or laxative teas nightly AVOID: Potatoes, bananas, all grains, nuts, pasta, meat, cheese, dairy, any white flour products, processed food and eliminate caffeine and alcohol.
Q: What if I am on medications?
A: Consult your prescribing physician about stopping any medication you have been prescribed and if you have any health concerns consult your attending physician so you can be reassured. The program does no interfere with your medications or medical conditions. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire when you arrive, apprising us of your physical condition.
Q: What about jewelry and cash?
A: We suggest you leave jewelry and cash at home. AAYUSHMAAN is not responsible for any jewelry or valuables you bring.
Q: Is the program difficult?
A: 99% of the people who come to us say "I can't believe how easy this is," and they are not hungry. Occasionally a guest has a difficult time for reasons having nothing to do with the program. We DO Care and we try to help each of our guests to have a great experience.
The team
Q: what treatments included in the package I buy?

A: Yes. All packages during stay include, all three meals, of Satvic Vegetarian foods , refreshing health drinks during stay ,

twin sharing accommodation in a plush guest room with modern amenities,

2/4 Enjoy bliss with Light of life FIR Detox Therapy sessions ,

usage of true FIR rooms , FIR steam rooms , Swimming pool, Hydrotherapy pools, Gymnasium,

Library , walking tracks, acupressure tracks,

3 - 5 Structured Yoga sessions daily , Meditation, physiotherapy classes ,

Doctors consultation , before and after full body scan report

Extras : medicated oils, special diets, Traditional Indian medicines as per prescription , 8 parameter full skin analysis report , Colon Hydrotherapy /colic Irrigation treatment, Ayurveda Panchakarma treatmentsm by SSAPD to be paid separately unless included in specific packages

Q: Does AAYUSHMAAN offer specialized treatments?
A: Yes. We offer a number of AAYUSHMAAN signature treatments:

Treatment packages available for Indian and International Clients

Stress relief programme S,L,(link to specific page )

General wellness programme S,L,

Reverse Diabetes programme S,L,CV

Hypertension/ blood pressure regulation/reduction programme S,L,

Pain relief programme S,L,

Marital Bliss programme S,L,

Heart Management programme S,L,

Weight and fat reduction programme S,L,

Body beauty and skin rejuvenation programme S,L,

Toxin relief programme (Detox) S,L,

Colon & body cleansing programme S,L,

Intensive Light of life FIR programme S,L,
Q: Can someone help me if I don't know what extra treatments/therapies to book?
A: Yes. qualfied resident doctors, and Guest services Coordinators are trained to recommend the right kind of treatments to make your week at AAYUSHMAAN more beneficial and successful for you.
Q: Does a colonic hurt?
A: The truth is - almost everyone worries about it, until they have it - then they say, "it was nothing - no big deal." A colonic is a procedure where purified,regulated water is administered through the rectum into the colon. This is done to wash out accumulation of debris in the large intestine by a natural body movement called PERISTOSIS . The procedure is not painful, but occasionally a little gas can create momentary discomfort until released. There is no mess, no unpleasant odor and you are comfortably lying on a massage table during the treatment.
Q: I am nervous about getting a colonic; do I have to get them?
A: The reason we include the colonics in your package is because they are an integral part of the program. Once we loosen toxins with the liquid fast they are dumped into your intestine. Colon hydrotherapy is the fastest way to get the poisons out of your body. To get the full benefit of this carefully designed program, we encourage you to experience the entire program. If you insist on not having your colonics, it is your choice.
Q: How does cleansing my colon - help me have more youthful and beautiful skin?
A: One of the most amazing things that will happen while you are at AAYUSHMAAN and when you return home is that you'll have a "Fasting Glow". People will literally come up to you and say your skin is glowing... it happens every time. Why? After the AAYUSHMAAN program, years and years of accumulated waste have been cleaned out of the body. The large intestine can now assimilate nutrients and eliminate waste normally and quickly, so you feel younger and more vibrant and you look radiant.
Q: What happens when I leave?
A: We will send you home with a delicious and healthy green salad and a recommendation for a post-fast eating plan. This will ease your system into re-entry to your normal life. If you have been dedicated to attending Susana's master classes, while at AAYUSHMAAN, then you will know how to shop for and prepare nutritious and sustaining foods.
Q: How do I continue the program at home?
A: Before you check out the Guest Service Coordinators will speak with you about what we recommend you do and use at home. We make it as easy as possible by offering a Daily Maintenance Package for you to purchase at a savings. Most of the tools and even equipment you use at AAYUSHMAAN can be purchased for use at home. Call 0000000000000000.2523 and speak to the products department to order them.

Details About My Stay


The AAYUSHMAAN Team Numbers 60 Caring Staff

Q: Do people come alone?
A: Most people come with a friends or partner , as the naturecure programme is a wellness feeling to be felt and shared among loved ones, some come alone and find that they find some of the most interesting people they will ever meet. There are lasting friendships formed at AAYUSHMAAN. Each group is different. If you come for privacy, you'll find plenty of space to get away and meditate or just be contemplative.
Q: What if I want to come with a friend?
A: Many come with a friend, partner or husband/wife, Most rooms offer double occupancy with Twin beds. The rate is on a per person , on twin sharing basis making it more attractive to come with a friend,spouse or partner.
Q: How many rooms are on the property?
A: We have 55 rooms, with 3 levels from10 VIP cottages Resort , 39 Twin bed naturecoled rooms, and 6 single accomodations
Q: Should I or can I bring my laptop?
A: We believe these modern gadgets are the main source of stress in the life of a modern man, it is best to avoid bringing any of these gadgets, like Cellphone , Ipad, tablet or a laptop. Anyhow Bringing your computer is entirely up to you. And usage should be restricted to your room only .No use in public areas allowed, or objected by fellow resident. We do have Internet facility on the property to allow you to get on the internet to check emails.
Q: Can I use my cell phone?
A: We ask that guests do not carry a cell phone in common areas, using it in your room (providing that the ring tone doesn't disturb other guests) is fine.
Q: Do people come alone?
A: Some people prefer to come alone from the first visit on. They tell us they enjoy the opportunity for personal work or that they enjoy meeting other interesting people. These people wouldn't think of coming with anyone else.
Q: Are there advantages to bringing a friend?
A: There is a savings on your single package rate when you share a room. Some people just enjoy traveling with a good friend or spouse. Coming solo or with someone is entirely up to you, we find that the program and property lends itself to solitude and group interaction - your choice.
Q: How many people at the spa at one time?
A: AAYUSHMAAN is very intimate; with only 50 rooms we have no more than 50 - 60 people at a time.
Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Bring yourself and your intentions. We provide a comfortable room with a table and writing area, amenities, books and video tapes in the library you can read and/or purchase. Bring any special toiletries and sun protection you need. Clothing is casual exercise gear, bring a bathing suit, comfortable walking shoes, sandals or flip flops and we recommend In the summer; less is more. Bring enough clothing for your stay (there are no laundry facilities on the property).
Q: When should I arrive?
A: Orientation classes are conducted on every Fridays and Mondays at 2.30 pm, and 5.00 Pm , If flight plans make this difficult we offer a third orientation at 8 30 in the subsequent morning .
Q: When can I get into my room?
A: We ask you to arrive as soon as possible on arrival day so we can get you started on your program and you will get into your room between 1:00 and 2:30 on Fridays, and 10- 12 noon on Mondays .
Q: When do I check-out of my room?
A: Our check-out time is 11 am. For long stay participants and 4.30 pm on Sunday for the short stay participants. You are welcome to stay on the property and use the facilities as well as continue your team for the entire day. We offer a locker, shower and changing room for this purpose. Over night stay will be charged on package basis only, subject to availability
Q: What if I have been before and want a specific therapist?
A: We reach you at least 2-3 weeks prior to arrival to discuss the perfect schedule for you. At that time you can request your favorite therapist. If you make a decision concerning your preferred therapist after that, ask us upon check-in or come to the front desk during your stay and we will do our best to accommodate you.
Q: How will I get the classes I want when I am busy with my individualised treatments team?
A: You are sent a class schedule prior to arrival; we will do our best to work around the important classes when we set up your special team schedule.
Q: Do you have a laundry facility?
A: Yes we have a power laundry facility at nominal rates within the campus.
Q: How do most people fill their days?
A: There are so many activities, from morning till evening you are filled with activities, classes to attend, special pieces of equipment to use, books ,enligtenment videos to watch and read, team to experience, the drinks to make and drink that people find their days moving very quickly. And, of course, part of the goal of being in a beautiful serene place is that you have an opportunity to de-compress and de-stress so down time is one of the activities people enjoy most!
Packages and Booking :  

To Book Call:  09962331555 / 09884455977 / 09962508299 / 09176077888

Our Environment Is An Eclectic Mix
Of Local Plant Life And Art
Q: What if I want to extend my stay once I get to AAYUSHMAAN?
A: We will surely try to accomodate your extended stay, provided rooms are avaialble, we are usually booked 2-3 weeks in advance.f you decide you wish to extend once you have arrived, let us know so we can offer you a chance to extend should there be vacancy in rooms or a last minute cancellation happen.
Q: How soon should I call for a reservation?
A: We suggest 

To Book Call:  09962331555 / 09884455977 / 09962508299 / 09176077888

as soon as you have decided to stay with us. The reservationists will be happy to explore the dates and rates we have available and even put you on a waiting list if we are fully booked. (We usually have a 1-2-weeks waiting list.)
Q: What is the process once I have chosen dates?
A: We reserve the dates for your package and room by charging your credit card a non-refundable $99 deposit for the package. We immediately send you a confirmation letter via email. TO HOLD THE ROOM we require that you send the confirmation letter via email - with the confirmation of credit card charges checked. Before you are to arrive, we will charge the balance of your package on the credit card you authorized. As soon as you have confirmed your package you'll want to speak to a Guest Services Coordinator to book your other Special treatments .
Q: What if I have additional charges?
A: Beyond your package any additional charges for services or products you receive will be charged on the credit card you authorized when you checked in or may be paid by cash . This will be charged daily and no later than the day you depart. We encourage you to review your final bill the day before check-out to streamline the process.
Q: How do I purchase a package and reserve a room?
A:You can send a mail from the Contact Us Page of this website ,with your mail ID and phone NUMBER our Staff will get in touch with you and arrange for your reservation
Q: How do I pay?
A: We take all major credit cards VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You will be asked to sign and return a confirmation letter in order to hold your room and authorize us to charge your credit card prior to arrival. Upon arrival we will require a signature to use the card for all onsite goods and services. If you are paying for someone else, you will authorize the arrangement with your card by your signature.
Q: What if I can't afford to visit AAYUSHMAAN at this time?
A: If you can't afford to detox at AAyushmaan at this time, start eating properly - watch Dr Sunders DVDs on the YouTube Channel and fast at home. Click on this link for home fasting tools that will help you begin the process: Home Fasting