Naturopathy is an art and science of healthy living and a drugless system of healing based on well founded philosophy. It has its own concept of health and disease and also principle of treatment. Naturopathy is a very old science. We can find a number of references in our Vedas and other ancient texts. The morbid matter theory, concept of vital force and other concepts upon which Naturopathy is based are already available in old texts.

Definition of Naturopathy : Naturopathy is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive principles of Nature on physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of living. It has great health promotive, disease preventive and curative as well as restorative potential.

According to the manifesto of British Naturopathic Association, "Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognises the existence of the vital curative force within the body." It therefore, advocates aiding human system to remove the cause of disease i.e. toxins by expelling the unwanted and unused matters from human body for curing diseases

Gandhiji was influenced by the book "Return to Nature" written by Adolf Just and became a firm believer of Naturopathy. He not only wrote several articles in favour of Naturopathy in his newspaper "Harijan" but did its several experiments on himself too, on his family members and members of his Ashram. It may be noted here that Gandhiji used to stay at the "Nature Cure Clinic" of Dr. Dinshaw Mehta situated in Pune during 1934 to 1944. In his memory, the Government of India established 'National Institute of Naturopathy' in 1986 at that place. Gandhiji included Naturopathy in his constructive programmes. Due to influence of Gandhiji, several National leaders joined this minority health movement. The names of Ex-Prime Minister Shri Morarji Desai, Ex-Governor of Gujarat Shri Shrimannarayanji, Ex-President Shri V.V.Giri, Acharya Vinoba Bhave and Shri Balkova Bhave need special mention in this regard.

The revival of Naturopathy started in India by translation of Germany's Louis Kuhne's book "New Science of Healing". Shri D. Venkat Chelapati Sharma translated this book in Telgu language in 1894. Shri Shroti Kishan Swaroop of Bijnor translated this book into Hindi and Urdu languages in 1904. All this gave a wide propagation to this system.

Indian Naturopathy movement started mainly in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The Naturopaths who did foundation work in revival of Naturopathy in different States are Dr. Mahavir Prasad Poddar, Dr. Janaki Sharan Varma, Shri Sharan Prasad, Dr. Khushi Ram 'Dilkash', Dr. S.J. Singh, Dr. Hiralal, Dr. Vitthal Das Modi, Dr. Kulranjan Mukherjee, Dr. Sukhram Das, Dr.J.M. Jussawala, Dr. M.M. Bhamgara, Dr. Vegi Raju Krishnam Raju, Dr. B. Venkat Rao, Dr. B. Vijaya Laxmi, Dr. Ganga Prasad Gaur "Nahar", Shri Dharam Chanda Saravagi, Dr. Sukhbir Singh Rawat, Acharya K. Laxman Sharma etc.

Here, it may also be mentioned that modern Naturopathy movement was started in Germany and other western countries with Water Cure (Hydrotherapy) therapy. Water Cure was synonymous with Nature Cure in those early days. The credit of making Water Cure world famous goes to Vincent Priessnitz (1799-1851), Later on, other personalities also made their contribution in this work. The name of Louis Kuhne needs special mention, who propounded the 'Principle of Unity of Disease and Treatment' and provided a theoretical base to this method. The book "New Science of Healing" written by him has been translated into several languages of the world.

The names of Dr. Henry Lindlahr, Dr. J. H. Kellogg, Arnold Ehrit, D. D. Palmer, Rolier, E.D. Babbit, Bernarr Macfadden, Arnold Rickley, J.H. Tilden, Father Kneipp, Benedict Lust, Stainley Lief and Herry Benjamin etc. may also be mentioned among others who had their share of contribution to the development of Naturopathy.
Principles of Naturopathy

The main principles of Naturopathy are as under: 

1. All diseases, their cause and treatment are one. Except for traumatic and environmental conditions, the cause of all diseases is one i.e. accumulation of morbid matter in the body and their elimination from the body is treatment.

2. The primary cause of disease is not bacteria or virus. Bacteria and virus enter and survive in the body only after the accumulation of morbid matter when a favourable atmosphere for their growth is established in body. Hence, the basic cause is morbid matter, not the bacteria. They are the secondary causes.

3. Acute diseases are self-healing effort of the body. Hence, they are our friends, not the enemy. Chronic diseases are outcome of wrong treatment and suppression of the acute diseases.

4. Nature is the greatest healer. Body has a capacity to prevent itself from disease and regain health if unhealthy. 

5. In Naturopathy, patient is treated and not the disease. 

6. Patients suffering from chronic ailments are also treated successfully in comparatively less time by Naturopathy. 

7. After emerging, suppressed diseases can be cured by Naturopathy. 

8. Naturopathy treats all the aspects like physical, mental, social and spiritual at the same time. 

9. Naturopathy treats body as a whole instead of giving treatment to each organ separately. 

10. Naturopathy does not use medicine. According to Naturopathy, "Food is Medicine". 

11. According to Gandhiji "Prayers or Japas are the best Natural Treatment", means doing prayer according to one's spiritual faith is an important part of treatment.

Modalities of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a science of healthy living. It teaches us how we should live? What we should eat and how our daily routine should be? Naturopathy not only helps us in attaining freedom from disease but also helps in acquiring positive and vigorous health. Its main objective is to change the living habits of people and to teach them the healthy lifestyle. Different modalities of Naturopathy are very helpful in the fulfillment of this pursuit. 

The human body has a remarkable recuperative power. It is composed of five great elements (Pancha Maha Bhutas), imbalance of these, creates diseases. Treatment of the diseases by these elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and atmosphere or ether is known as Naturopathy. The general treatment modalities and diagnostic methods employed in Naturopathy are as stated below
Different Nature Cure Mocalities :

Diet Therapy According to this therapy, the food must be taken in natural form. Fresh seasonal fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables and sprouts are excellent. These diets are broadly classified into three types which are as follows: 

{i).Eliminative Diet Liquids-Lemon, Citric juices, Tender Coconut water, Vegetable soups, Butter milk, Wheat Grass juices etc.

{ii).Soothing Diet Fruits, Salads, Boiled/Steamed Vegetables, Sprouts, Vegetable chutney etc.

{iii).Constructive Diet Wholesome flour, Unpolished rice, little pulses, Sprouts, Curd etc. Being alkaline, these diets help in improving health, purifying the body and rendering it immune to disease. To this end, a proper combination of food is necessary. Our diet should consist of 20% acidic and 80% alkaline food for maintaining health. A balanced food is a must for any individual seeking good health. 

Benefits It is helpful to cure different digestive disorders   CONTACT US TO KNOW MORE  

* Fasting Therapy Fasting is an important modality to health lifestyle. In fasting, mental preparedness is an essential pre-condition. Prolonged fasting should be done only under the supervision of a competent Naturopath. 

The duration of the fast depends upon the age of the patient, the nature of the disease and amount and type of drugs previously used. It is some times advisable to undertake a series of short fasts of two or three days and gradually increase the duration of each succeeding fast by a day or so. No harm will accrue to fasting patient provided they take rest and are under proper professional care. 

Methods of fasting are water, juices or raw vegetable juices. The best, safest and most effective method is lime juice fasting. During fasting, the body burns up and excretes huge amounts of accumulated wastes. We can help this cleansing process by drinking alkaline juices. Sugars in juices will strengthen the heart, juice fasting is therefore the best form of fasting. All juices should be prepared from fresh fruit immediately before drinking. 

Canned or frozen juices should not be used. A precautionary measure, which must be observed in all cases of fasting, is the complete emptying of the bowels at the beginning of the fast by enema so that the patient is not bothered by gas or decomposing matter formed from the excrements remaining in the body. Enemas should be used at least every alternate day during the fasting period. The total liquid intake should be approximately six to eight glasses. A lot of energy is spent during the fast in the process of eliminating accumulated poisons and toxic waste materials. It is therefore, of utmost importance that the patient gets as much physical rest and mental relaxation as possible during the fast. 

The body will decompose and burn those cells and tissues which are diseased, damaged, aged and dead. During fasting, the building of new cells is speeded up by the amino acids released from the diseased cells. The capacity of the eliminative organs i.e. lungs, liver, kidney and skin is greatly increased as they are relieved of usual burden of digesting food and eliminating the resultant waste. Elimination of uric acid and other inorganic acids will be accelerated. 

Benefits Fasting affords a physiological rest to digestive, assimilative and protective organs. As a result, the digestion and the utilization of nutrients are greatly improved after fasting. The essential tissues, vital organs, nervous system and brain are not damaged in fasting. Naturopathy believes that fasting is a process of complete physical and mental rest. Fasting is advised in treating the disorders like Indigestion, Constipation, Gas, Digestive disorders, Bronchial Asthma, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Gout etc. 

* Mud Therapy Mud therapy is very simple and effective. The mud used for this is clean and taken from 3 to 4 ft. depth from the surface of the ground. There should be no contamination of stone pieces or chemical manures etc. in the mud. 

Mud is one of five elements of nature having immense impact on the body both in health and sickness. It can be employed conveniently as a therapeutic agent in Naturopathy treatment as its black colour absorbs all the colours of the Sun and conveys them to the body. Secondly, as the mud retains moisture for a long time, when applied over the body part it causes cooling. Thirdly, its shape and consistency can be changed easily by adding water. Moreover, it is cheap and easily available. Before use, mud should be dried, powdered and sieved to separate stones, grass particles and other impurities. 

Mud Pack for Face Soaked mud is applied on the face and allowed to dry for 30 minutes. This is helpful in improving the complexion of the skin and removing pimples and open skin pores which in turn facilitate elimination. This also is helpful in eliminating dark circles around the eyes. After 30 minutes, face should be washed thoroughly with cold water. 

* Mud Bath Mud may be applied to the patient in sitting or lying position. This helps to improve the skin condition by increasing the circulation and energizing the skin tissues. Care should be taken to cold during the bath. Afterwards, the patient must be thoroughly washed with cold water jet spray. If the patient feels chill, warm water should be used. The patient is, then, dried quickly and transferred to a warm bed. The duration of mud bath may be 45 to 60 minutes. 

Benefits The effects of mud are described as refreshing, invigorating, and vitalizing. For wounds and skin diseases, application of mud is the only true bandage. Mud therapy is used for giving coolness to body. It dilutes and absorbs the toxic substances of body and ultimately eliminates them from body. In different diseases like constipation, headache, high blood pressure, skin diseases etc. mud is used successfully. 

* Hydro Therapy Like mud, water is also an ancient method of treatment. Taking bath properly with clean and cold water is an excellent form of Hydrotherapy. Such baths open up all the pores of the skin and make the body light and fresh. In the cold bath, all systems and muscles of body get activated and improve the blood circulation. The old tradition of taking bath in rivers, ponds or waterfalls on specific occasions is virtually a natural form of Hydrotherapy. Hip bath, Enema, Hot and Cold fomentation, Hot foot bath, Spinal bath, Steam bath, Immersion bath, Hot and Cold packs on abdomen, chest and other parts of the body, are the therapeutic developments of Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is used mainly for preserving health and curing different types of diseases of bilious character. One of the modalities of Hydro therapy is Colon Therapy. 

* Colon Hydrotherapy It is the process of cleansing and flushing out colon or large intestine. The treatment is similar to an enema but is more extensive. It uses clean filtered water under gentle pressure (without pain) to wash out or detoxify colon of stagnated faecal materials. The number of sessions will depend on individual. Most people require a series of 3-6 team to receive a thorough cleansing of the colon. 

Benefits Removes years of encrusted faecal materials and bacteria. Elimination of undigested food and other waste products. Useful for weight loss after burning the body fat. Improves the natural defense mechanism of the body (immune system). 

* Masso Therapy Massage is also a modality of Naturopathy and quite essential for maintaining good health. It aims at improving blood circulation and strengthening bodily organs. In winter season, sun bath after massaging the whole body is well known practice of preserving health and strength. It is beneficial to all. It bestows combined benefits of massage and sun rays therapy. In disease conditions, necessary therapeutic effects can be obtained through specific techniques of massage. Massage is a substitute of exercise for those who cannot do the same. The effects of exercise can be derived from massage. Various oils are used as lubricants like mustard oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil, aroma oils etc. which also have therapeutic effects. 

Movements done during massage are--touch, stroking, friction, kneading, vibration, percussion and joint movements. Movements vary according to disease condition and parts applied. Powders of neem leaves, rose petals and are also used as lubricants for massage. Sometimes, even normal talcum powders are used and massage is given with the help of an electric massager. This procedure is called Vibro Massage. 

Benefits It activates the muscles and body system. Useful in High or Low blood pressure, Joint disorders, Paralysis, Depression, localized or generalized painful conditions, Weakness, Indigestion and Obesity. 

* Chromo Therapy Seven colours of Sun rays have different therapeutic effects. These colours are-Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. For being healthy and in treatment of different diseases, these colours work effectively. Water and oil exposed to sun for specified hours in coloured bottles and coloured glasses, are used as devices of Chromo Therapy for treating different disorders. 

Benefits The simple methods of Chromo Therapy help in the process of recovery for different disorders. 

* Air Therapy Fresh air is most essential for good health. The advantage of air therapy can be achieved by means of Air bath. Everybody should take an air bath daily for 20 minutes or longer if possible. It is more advantageous when combined with morning cold rub and exercises. In this process, one should walk daily after removing the clothes or wearing light clothes at a lonely clean place where adequate fresh air is available. Another alternate method is in a constructed room without roof and surrounded by shutter like walls so as to allow free passage of air but prevent any view of the interior.


In order to react against the chilling effect of cold air or water, the nerve centers, which control the circulation, send the blood to the surface in large quantities, flushing the skin with warm, red, arterial blood. The flow of the blood stream is greatly accelerated and elimination of morbid matter on the surface of the body is correspondingly increased.

Benefits Air bath has soothing and tonic effect upon the millions of nerve endings all over the surface of the body. It has good results in cases of nervousness, neurasthenia, rheumatism, skin, mental and various other chronic disorders. 

* Magnet Therapy Magnet therapy is a clinical system in which human ailments are treated & cured through the application of magnets to the body of the patients. It is the simplest, cheapest and entirely painless system of treatment with almost no side or after effects. The only tool used is the magnet. 

Magnetic treatment is applied directly to the body parts by the therapeutic magnets available in different powers or as general treatment to the body. Also magnetic belts are available for different parts for e.g. Abdomen, knee, wrist etc. necklaces, glasses and bracelets are also used for treatment.


* Effects of magnetic field on biological system: 

* Activates the iron content in the blood 

* Frees the blood from the danger of clotting 

* Increases the no. of blood corpuscles 

* Reduces the calcium and cholesterol deposits in blood 

* Promotes secretion of hormones and other fluids 

* Normalises function of autonomic nervous system 

* Diagnostic Methods    CONTACT US TO KNOW MORE  

To know the basic cause of diseases, Naturopathy analyses right from the daily routine, seasonal observances (ritucharya), diet schedule etc. to hereditary factors. To know the immediate condition of the disease, generally the following two diagnostic methods are adopted:- 

1. Iris-Diagnosis It is a system of diagnosis through the analysis of the Iris. The whole body parts and organs are represented on the iris. The right side is represented on the left iris and vice- versa. According to the changes in the constitution, colour and the markings seen in the areas representing the parts of the body, diseases are diagnosed. 

2. Facial Diagnosis The physical appearances reflect the deposition of toxins in different organs. Disease condition in different organs of the body can be diagnosed by observing these encumbrances. Types of encumbrances-back, front side and mixed encumbrances. The Science of Facial Diagnosis takes all these facts into account; the form of the body, the carriage, colour, the movements.

Some Important terms of Naturopathy

* Herbal Mud pack, Mud Applications 

* Mud Bath, Underground Mud Bath, Mud Pool Bath 

* Hip Bath , Plantain leaf bath , 

* Spinal Bath, Spinal Spray Bath 

* Immersion Bath, Friction Bath 

* Foot Bath, Arm Bath 

* FIR Steam Bath, FIR Sauna Bath 

* Sun Bath, Colour Sun Bath (Chromo Bath), 

* Green Leaves Sun Bath 

* Hot & Cold Fomentation 

* Wet Sheet Pack, Chest Pack, Abdomen Pack, Trunk Pack 

* Knee Pack, Neck Pack, Wet Girdle Pack 

* Enema-Warm Water, Butter Milk, Tender Coconut Water etc. 

* Circular Jet Bath 

* Colon Irrigation 

* Deluxe Hydro Massage, Jacuzi 

* Hot and Cold Water Douches, Effusions 

* Whirlpool Bath 

* Under Water Exercises 

* Magnet Therapy 

* Colour Therapy 

* Acupuncture 

* Acupressure 

* Reflexology , Foot Reflexology 

* Physiotherapy
terms - Exercise Therapy, Electro Therapy 

Afflictions and Diseases which are amenable through Naturopathy The Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN) has been trying to verify the efficacy of Naturopathy system in curative and preventive aspects of various diseases by launching research oriented programmes. Based on the research studies under CCRYN projects, the following diseases have been found to be amenable through Naturopathy Treatment. 

Asthma (Allergic & Bronchial), Amoebiasis, Anaemia, Anxiety, Neurosis, Allergic Skin Diseases, Cervical Spondylosis, Chronic Non-Healing Ulcers, Colitis, Cirrhosis of Liver 

Constipation, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Diabetes Mellitus, Eczema, Facial Paralysis, Flatulence, Gastritis, Gout, Hemiplegic, Hypertension, Hypotension, Hyperacidity, Jaundice, Leucorrhoea, Leprosy, Obesity, Osteo-Arthritis, Poliomyelitis, Peptic Ulcer Psoriasis, Scabies, Sciatica, Splenomegaly, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psycho-Somatic disorders. Further, research studies are going on at several centres and it is hoped that the utility and efficacy of Naturopathy in more areas may be identified in years to come. 

Mud Therapy, Diet Therapy, Hydrotherapy   CONTACT US TO KNOW MORE