Testimonials from Participants for live full life Holistic Health Programs @ AAYUSHMAAN
  • admin/upimg/waterimg1.jpgMrs S Meena Sibyil - wrote:

    Though I've been thinking that I am leading a normal life , now I understood, how much under utilized my body functions were , first time in years after 38 years of existence in this planet I have learned to breathe properly now, thanks To the live full life program AYUSHMAAN, the AAYUSHMAAN Positive programmed water is sheeer Magic, i lost 5 Kgs, of bad fat, i feel energetic , Happy, and Lively, after a 5 day program, I will come back next month too, Thanks Dr Raman ,  Meena sibyl.

  • admin/upimg/KUBERA NUMBER 11000.jpgAAYUSHMAAN DR GowriShankar - wrote:

    I was at Aayushmaan Nature cure health centre when Dr Raman.S.Velu introduced the positive programmed water, my god , it is amazing, it just dissolves, oil, fat, ghee just like that, absolutely no chemicals , no additives, Not even preservative, Instant results , I beleive this is going to revolutionize health care , All the very best Dr Raman 

  • images/avatar.gif Mr Kumar, Singapore, reverse diabetes program - wrote:

    MR KUMAR, FROM SINGAPORE, had a fasting sugar of 288 MGDL when he joined aayushmaan, and was on metformin for more than 6 years,

    now after 10 days, his fasting sugar is only, 93 MGDL, absolutely no medicines, or drugs at all, 

    hear it in his own words, see the video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm97SlAvHoI&list=UUnTArXgOxBJQXYoqNM62law

  • admin/upimg/ayushman Logonatur.tiffMr. A Gary hill U.K - wrote:

    I ve never walked upright in years, due to my low back pain ,first and foremost i have regained proper body posture. Good energy , vitality, Which I ve never had all along. I feel like a full man now,Gary hill 

  • images/avatar.gif Binayak Bhubneshwar - wrote:

    Happy, Happy , Happy, I don't know how to express myself , after doing the live full life program , I am in a state of Bliss , long live Dr Sunder for giving mankind this wonderfully structured scientific

  • images/avatar.gif Lakshminarayanan, Hyderabad - wrote:

    Living fully is an all new experience Altogether, all along we thought we did live, one need to experience what is living full life means with this program

  • images/avatar.gif Tripura Sundari, Tiruchirapalli - wrote:

    very refreshing, mind relaxing, energized body and happy feeling is what I got Will return for advanced programmes

  • images/avatar.gif Venkatesh Prasad, San Jose , California - wrote:

    I heard about this program through my friend , did it during my visit to Chennai , what an experience it turned out to be, truly life changing , the best thing is the organizers were not promoting anything, not even the program, or the Fir technology , or any products , purely service oriented, will recommend to all my friends who visit India , as part of enrichment, if permitted , want to start a centre in California for the benefit of the people of this stressed nation, during this crisis period.

  • admin/upimg/change.JPGMr. B Girish Krishnan, Vijayawada - wrote:

    "After 21 days at your centre , I just arrived home from my medical check up. My doctor gave me an excellent report and told me that whatever I have been doing to keep it up. My HBA1c was in the normal range - a huge ,huge improvement from my last test result of 8.7 +. I'm so thankful that I am immensely happy and pleased , about the results , and want to thank you and your wonderful staff for all your no chemical, no medicine , wonderful nature cure REVERSE DIABETES PROGRAM. It really has made a difference!" the structured yoga was very easy, and the results with breathing techniques amazing , will return again .

  • images/avatar.gif Manisha Model, Chennai - wrote:

    After sundara prana chakra yoga, I felt so light, and bodily relieved of all my ailments, feeling fit, and fresh, stomach tightened, on the whole a mind blowing experience, will keep coming again and again , I have been doing Yoga under well known Gurus, I can say with Conviction Dr.Sunder is the best and of them all.

  • images/avatar.gif Sushmita bhandarkar ,Poona - wrote:

    Flying like a happy bird, feeling very light and energetic , long live, Dr Sunder and his live full life program @ AAYUSHMAAN

  • images/avatar.gif Suma Computer professional, Bangalore - wrote:

    As IT professionals who sit in front of a computer and working for continuous 7-8 hours, stressing ourselves with meeting deadlines , I was almost a spent person even by the age of 32 , thought i can never regain my youth, now after doing this live full life program, i have started believing there is more to my life, and I surely can enjoy my body and life to the fullest with this program ,if I practice what I was taught in these three days

  • images/avatar.gif K.Ranganatha Sastry , Vishakpattinam - wrote:

    I have been practicing yoga for the past 45 years or so , and seen all types of courses, out of curiosity I attended the Kundalini raising, program by AAYUSHMAAN , my god how invigorating, and mind blowing the experience was , just for this attainment the sages went into the forests and did penance for years, surely understandable, a glimpse into their state of mind and body itself is great, have to go further into it to experience full benefits of Kundalini the Maha chakra yoga by Dr Sunder,it is very well simplified for the lay man to practise, and in the voice of Dr Sunder it is heavenly, God bless

  • images/avatar.gif Ranganath joshi, New Delhi - wrote:

    Beyond the program and it's visible benefits , to have such an unpolluted facility near a city like chennai, it should cost a bomb, here at live full life 3499/- including food ,stay and the program for three full days, it is surely generous on the part of the organization, pl keep up the good work of creating happy fulfilled human beings on planet earth

  • images/avatar.gif Suresh kandekar, Nagpur - wrote:

    Well i have been breathing for all my life of 50 years , now I got a new meaning to breathing itself with Sundara prana Chakra Yoga , I can say I learnt breathing fully here, making me a full man here

  • images/avatar.gif Rakesh Shetty Mumbai - wrote:

    I could feel my body fully. Which I never did in the past, It is like i am a new born man. Feeling so fresh and full of vigor , I ve never felt so full in all these years.

  • images/avatar.gif Ravi Shankar Prasad. Chennai - wrote:

    The Live full life program is mind-blowing, wonderful, out standing, relieved of all my stress and fatigue, turned enthusiastic from a tired body, mind and a sick soul to one of optimism and bundle of energy.

  • images/avatar.gifMr. C Chithra Kamesh Chennai - wrote:

    Simply great, learned to live and breathe properly, great feeling, great teacher.long live AAYUSHMAAN